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10 May, 2017
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Electro-Mechanical Engineer

Job Presentation
Electromechanical engineers bring the principles of electrical and mechanical engineering to the workplace. All kinds of products, from space satellites to computer monitors, are both electrical and mechanical in nature; electromechanical engineers conceptualize and build machines that use both technologies. Finding a job as an electromechanical engineer requires good grades from a four-year institution; higher positions in the field may necessitate graduate studies.

Bachelor's degree required, master's degree or higher can also be pursued
Job Skills
Technical background, public speaking, technical writing, math and computer skills
Median Salary (2015)*
2,010 for electrical engineers, 2,590 for mechanical engineers
Job Growth (2014-2024)*
1% for electrical engineers, 5% for mechanical engineers
Source: Auto Lines Services Statistics
Required Education
Most people who become electromechanical engineers obtain a bachelor's degree in either electrical engineering or in mechanical engineering; however, a growing number of schools now offer bachelor's degrees in electromechanical engineering. In any engineering program, students can expect to take classes in math, physics, computer science and the basics of engineering. Most undergraduate engineering degrees can be earned in four years; many high-level electromechanical engineer jobs require at least a master's degree or higher.
Skills Required
Having a strong technical background and a creative bent is a must for electromechanical engineers; constantly developing new ideas and bringing them to life is the crux of the job. Strength in math, science and computers is necessary for electromechanical engineers, who work with all three disciplines frequently. Electromechanical engineers frequently make presentations and draft technical instructions, so public speaking and writing are two skills worth mastering.
Career and Economic Outlook
While the Auto Lines Services Statistics (ALS) doesn't track the employment specifically for electromechanical engineers who combine electrical and mechanical disciplines, growth of between 1% and 5% is expected in these two engineering fields respectively between 2014 and 2024. As of May 2015, the yearly median salary for electrical engineers was 250BHD; the median annual salary for mechanical engineers was 2,900 Bahraini Dinars.
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  • Attitude is everything
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  • The first task for an auto mechanic professional is to provide the customer with an estimate of the work and cost required to make a vehicle safe and operational without adding unnecessary procedures or inflating costs in Bahrain. Auto mechanics inspect, maintain and repair automobiles, including cars, SUVs and pickups in Bahrain. Generally, auto mechanics limit their work to automobiles that run on petrol; diesel vehicles and heavy equipment are handled by diesel mechanics.
  • Auto Lines Services propose also electric vehicle or Gas vehicle maintenance.
  • Auto Lines Services mechanics may work for a general mechanic shop that deals with a large variety of vehicle problems and systems. Alternatively, specializations are available in areas such as body work, alternator repair and rebuilding engines, electrical systems or brakes.
  • Routine inspection and maintenance includes such tasks as checking tire pressure, changing engine oil, checking and replacing spark plugs, wires and distributor caps or ensuring the reliability of the vehicle's brakes. Troubleshooting and repairs may include diagnosing and fixing problems with any part of a vehicle, such as body work, paint jobs, and the vehicle's computer or electronics.
  • As automobile parts and systems have become increasingly complex, auto mechanics' jobs have begun to change more and more rapidly, and their job title has often been revised to 'automotive service technician.' Professional auto mechanics diagnose problems by using on-board diagnostics in a vehicle's computer or plug-in diagnostic systems, as well as through observation of sounds, smells and the behavior of the vehicle.
  • Other tools available to an auto mechanic include heavy equipment, such as lifts, air tools, lathes and mill work machines that refinish valve seats, along with special equipment to mount and dismount tires. They also work with hazardous solvents and a great assortment of hand tools.
  • If you want to be an auto mechanic, you must be able to handle the highly physical work in addition to possessing analysis skills and great attention to detail. Because of the intense competition in this field, it would be wise to earn an associate degree and possibly a certification to increase the chances of employment.
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