We would like to present our prestigious product GPS VEHICLE TRACKING DEVICES so that it may help your firm to gain more control over the transportation department. Moreover, we have the approval of BAHRAIN TELECOM REGULATORY AUTHORITY(TRA) as well.
Key advantages of our device are,

1)Surveillance of the vehicle 24/7,
2)Fuel and Depreciation control,
3)Unnecessary usage of vehicles after office/duty hours,
4)Engine cut off for higher security
5)Mileage report and many more..

Even though all staff are not playing around with cars it will worth if you can monitor the staff and we think effectiveness and hard-work from our employees is the stepping stone to a firms success.
Our device is as equal asI installing a CCTV Cameras, Installing the camera doesn’t mean we don’t trust our staff,its like a precaution and also making the staff aware that the management is seeing them Tracker also act the same.

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