Electrical Arc Flash Study Risk Assessment

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what is arc flash analysis? is the first question that raises in every safety concerns mind. Arc flash analysis is a combination of electrical study with ref to the safety guidelines. Arc flash hazard study also known as arc flash risk assessment is performed to identify and mitigate the arc flash hazards or arc flash risks available in the system and ensure the safety of the working personnel with proper arc flash safety procedure.


Arc flash policy for study demands that arc flash survey needs to be carried out before building the real time model for arc flash assessment. Arc flash assessment requirements are clearly mentioned in NFPA 70e all hazard flash safety guidelines including arc flash distance, arc flash PPE need to be mentioned in the arc flash warning labels. arc flash procedures need to be clearly defined and the working personnel shall be trained on arc flash policy and what is the danger of arc flash and shall be clearly instructed on the usage of arc flash PPE.VB Engineering is pioneer in providing comprehensive arc flash hazard assessment and tops the arc flash analysis companies with its international standards.

Our arc flash study data collection team will visit your facility with prior intimation. To run a flash hazard analysis you need all the installation data and all the details of the equipment with settings in place. The required arc flash evaluation data will be collected by our team at site.

We then build the models and We use multiple methods including SKM Power Tools, EasyPower, Etap, Neplan, Cymdist, EDSA, ArcPro, or IEEE 1584 depending upon the customer's needs. Our expertise in arc flash studies is widely recognized in the arc flash testing requirements industry and our flash hazard analysis engineers are members of IEEE, NFPA and IEC which set the standards for arc flash hazard analysis and mitigation.

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