3D Simulation with Data Analytic

Price: 100
VB Engineering is a pioneer in providing solutions for process improvement with the help of lean tools. We have been offering various 3D simulation services with data analytics and artificial intelligence for Production Improvement using process simulation and virtual reality. Our offerings have enabled our clients towards Continuous Improvement and made them ready for just in time manufacturing. Production improvement is always a challenge including multiple parameters and various fields. The interdependency of the production environment is highly complex and the only responsible person will be the production person for the delay.

Lean manufacturing has been a best practice across the globe in manufacturing process.


Lean production systems and lean manufacturing principles are adopted by all the world class manufacturing companies. Canning and bottling lines are extremely complex and difficult processes to manage, as they consistently run at very high speeds, where a minor stoppage can have a big impact on performance and costs to the business. The difficulty in creating an optimal packaging line design that would maximize production and efficiency is greatly amplified when there are many different packaging formats together with frequent changeovers. With packaging lines costing crores of rupees, an increasingly competitive market for contract packaging and demand for multi-variety packs, there is a clear need to maximize return by ensuring the equipment is being fully utilized to maximize return. Therefore, when designing packaging lines, it is necessary to have some means of predicting and explaining their performance and identifying the influence of the key line parameters such as, SKU complexity, machine capacities and their acceleration, running speed and deceleration parameters, conveyor speed and their lengths, failure rates in MTBF and repair rates in MTTR.

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