Turkish Coffee (Nuri Toplar)

Price: 4.000 BHD.
Nuri Toplar's original finely ground Turkish coffee is traditionally prepared in a small long handled pot.For medium-sweet coffee,add one teaspoonful of sugar per cup.
Place the cezve on a low heat with one heaped teaspoon of coffee per cupful of water and sugar to taste.

Heat slowly,stıring gently until the sugar dissolves.

When the coffee begins to froth up,remove from the heat,pour a little of the froth into each cup and return to the heat.

Let the coffee rise once more-but without letting it come to the boil-and serve.

Be careful not stir after serving or you will disturb the sediment and the coffee will taste gritty. Each cup should be frothy and deliciously aromatic.

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